Skin Care Methods in Different Time Periods Skin Care

Egypt is a spot where we began to remember historical past, and we have found facts of a lot of diverse methods from there. Well, skincare is no different. Archaeologists have found proof of skincare products like cosmetics in Egypt, that are approximately 6000 years old. They have found evidence of people using castor oil, moringa oil, and sesame oil for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it was found that they had used facial masks of milk and honey to rejuvenate their skin.

Women from ancient Egypt used dead sea salt and milk bath for skincare purposes. Ancient Greece is one of the most useful and vastly spread civilization, and they had also invented their own ways of skincare. They used perfumes, cosmetics powders, precious oils, paints, beauty unguents, eye shadows, and hair dyes to enhance and maintain their looks. They also used a mixture of berries, milk, and honey to make a paste and used it as facial masks. Olives and olive oil were also the most accessories of their skincare strategies. There are evidences of using cosmetics and skincare means in the medieval Europe of the 12th century.

In that time period, women with smooth and white skin were regarded as high society ladies, it's why it became critical for them to increase skincare means. They commonly used animal fats, aloe vera, cucumber, and rosemary for skin rejuvenation. And they also used to mix leaves, seeds, and vegetation with vinegar and honey to make facial masks. Same as the medieval period, the time of renaissance was also a time where people were developing diverse methods and strategies for skincare treatment . They used rose water soaked bread for facial soothing.

They also used lead, silver mercury, and chalk to lighten their skin pigment. They extensively utilized distinctive herbs, berries, milk honey, vinegar, and other natural items for skin treatments. Science was evolving and introducing new ways of skincare. Hospitals and clinics with skincare specialist were rising to provide unique and result orientated treatments. Cleanliness, skincare, and activity were viewed highly at that time.

With the discovery of Vaseline, chapstick, baby powder, and sunscreen women became more and more attentive towards their skincare. | La Colline Cellular Cleansing and Exfoliating Gel 125 ml like zinc oxide, harsh cleansers, and bleaches replaced the old milk, honey, and other natural ingredients.